Pitfalls about t-shirt printing business you need to know

Angie Renner
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Angie Renner
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February 5, 2024

Screen printing is the oldest form of garment printing ever discovered by man. Over the years, this wondrous garment printing method has attracted all types of people from across the globe.

Most of these people have even gone to the extent of wanting to start their own garments printing business using the screen printing technology.

Unfortunately, most of these folk fail to understand all it takes for you to launch a successful screen printing business. Furthermore, they tend to take the learning curve after investing in some expensive machinery.

Starting your own t-shirt printing business is simple. You’ll just need the right knowledge and equipment as we have explained to you below.

Pitfall #1: Thinking You Can Create Just Any Custom Printed Garment Using A Computer-Generated Heat Transfer.

This is usually the starting point for most people who are tied between the urge and to start a screen printing business and limited resources (funds to buy proper equipment). Most heat press vendors/suppliers will make you believe that you can do anything with your heat transfer.

The truth is: There are many items that you can decorate with your heat transfer.

The secret here lies in understanding what works well with heat transfer. But most importantly, you should know that the computer generated transfers don’t work pretty well with dark garments.

Pitfall #2: Rushing to buy your startup package without first understanding the learning curve involved in screen printing garments.

Thousands of folks buy startup kits with the belief that it will help them earn some extra cash during their free time. It’s true that the successful garments printing businesses might have started this way.

But don’t give up the fact that these startup kits end up lying idle in the store. It’s not a wonder that you’ll find a lot of used machinery like this for sale on eBay!

You need to understand that learning to screen print tees requires more than just great equipment. It requires you to possess knowledge and skills that cannot be learned overnight.

Because there are different facets to screen printing, each product may require a specific knowledge for it to be printed correctly. Knowing the ideal ink to use on a given garment is crucial. Knowing how to make special effects can also be necessary at times.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need to do the design and artwork correctly! This is what we’ll discuss next…

Pitfall #3: Thinking that coming up with artwork for screen printing is similar to other types of printing.

The flipside of this is the truth about creating artwork for your screen printing business. The process is entirely different from any other printing procedure. If you fail to set up your art correctly, you’ll have troubles achieving the looks you want in your final print.

The artwork can break or make you in screen printing. Incorrect setup equals a waste of time, labor, and other consumables. In the end, this will give you an inferior print.

So, it’s absolutely critical for you to learn how to create your designs for film positives and screens.

Pitfall #4: Not securing an adequate space for your machinery.

This is one of the often overlooked considerations by many beginners. The equipment required for commercial screen printing will need some good amount of space. It might even require some special electrical, ventilation, and waste disposal accommodations.

In other words, consider the screen printing business as a semi-industrial business that will consume a large space on your business premises.

It is also important to research the zoning laws and environmental regulations regarding the physical location of your printing.

Consider sufficient space, not only for the safe and efficient operation of your equipment but also for sorting and processing of the garments you need to imprint. You’ll be surprised at how big a space hoodies can take up in your shop!

Pitfall #5: Not having a marketing plan for your new business.

Screen printing is business like any other and will require you to get the word out there on what you do.

Now that you have observed all the issues we have explained above, your business is ready to start the production.

How do you promote your business in your area?

Most people get this rolling out well by using a preexisting social network or starting out a niche. This enables them to easily promote their new business with word of mouth.

And while promoting your business ensure you do high-quality prints for your clients at a competitive price.

If you can think of a good social network to take advantage of, you’ll be in a good position to produce custom printed items with minimal investments in marketing or advertising.

If you are less fortune in the social networking field, visibility can play a significant role in getting your business know to the world. Choosing a good/strategic location for your storefront can prove valuable.

Final Suggestion:

If you dream of starting a successful screen printing business, these are some top pitfalls to avoid. You need to go for the right equipment for the job and invest enough time in learning the tricks of the entire process.

Be as much careful as possible while creating your artwork as this determines the outcome of your final print. Remember to use the right marketing strategies to let the world know about your business.

Like any other business, screen printing requires hard work, perseverance, and dedication. It will not be successful overnight. But if you follow the right steps, you’ll be happy in the long run.