Best powerpress heat press machine: reviews of 2023

Angie Renner
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Angie Renner
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January 26, 2024

Before I knew about heat press machines, I used to admire people who had unique writings and designs printed on their t-shirts. I knew a guy who had his signature and a cartoon design he had made himself printed on his shirt. He was my hero.

I love heat press machines because they enable me to express myself. Plus, it’s a convenient way to make a few bucks. And if you are reading this, you probably think so too.

Today I will tell you about some of the best heat press machines of 2023. Both these machines are PowerPress heat presses. I want to tell you why I like them and why you should consider getting yourself one.

If you are in sort of time to read the full article, here is our reviewed product in short!

Heat Press Machine Our Rating Price
PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15  Star 1 Check Price
PowerPress Digital Heat Press 15 x 15  Star 2 Check Price

Why PowerPress Heat Press Machines?

PowerPress is one of the major heat press brands in the market today. Their industrial quality heat press machines are famed for their efficiency, quality, and durability.

Users have praised the brand’s heat press machines for their versatility. Once you purchase a PowerPress, you are pretty much set. You don’t have to look for another heat press machine to work on other types of garments.

PowerPress machines can heat press pretty much anything that can handle the heat transfer process. I am talking about not just t-shirts, but also bags, jigsaw puzzles, ID badges, ceramic tools, mouse mats, and bags.

They can also handle all types of heat transfer materials, including vinyl. Buying a PowerPress is an excellent financial decision. You get quality and variety, all at affordable prices.

PowerPress machines also give you a bonus Teflon sheet. And their heat platens are usually Teflon-coated. This demonstrates the brand’s concern for their customer’s well-being.

The Teflon protects your garment from scorching when the temperature is super high. Teflon also prevents the heat transfer material from sticking to the platen.

PowerPress machines have enough surface area for you to work on larger t-shirts or sweatpants. For instance, the PowerPress machines I review in this article are both 15” x 15”.

So if you are looking for a heat press machine that delivers, you better go PowerPress.

1. PowerPress Industrial-Quality Digital 15-by-15-Inch Sublimation T-Shirt Heat Press Review

This PowerPress t-shirt heat press features several improvements from previous models. It guarantees excellent performance.

It is an industrial quality digital heat press, with improvements such as the coated sheet and coating on its heat platen. Here are some of its main features, and its pros vs cons:

  • Electronic Time and Heat Control

With this heat press machine, the timer and heat control is digitalized. This means you will have a precise set-up of time and heat.

When you get the correct settings for time and temperature, you have a higher degree of success in getting the designs to stick on the shirt when you are heat-transferring them. There is also less risk of scorching.

You see, different heat transfers come with their own time and temperature requirements. And it’s important for you to follow these requirements religiously during the heat transfer process.

With the electronic time and heat control, you get a higher level of control over the process. Everything is precise, and just as it should be.

  • Compact, Upward Opening Model

Some heat press machines are large and take up a lot of space in our rooms. If you want to save as much space as you can, you will love this heat press. It is compact, so it takes up less space.

The upward-opening design also contributes to its space-saving convenience. This is in contrast to the swinger-style heat press, which swings to the left or right, taking up space around it; and the drawer style heat press, whose lower platen you pull out like a drawer, also taking up space in the vicinity.

With this heat press machine, you can have other items on the table. Since the machine opens upwards, the space around it is free, and you can place other items in the space.

  • Pressure Adjustable Silicon Gel Base Board

At the bottom of the heat press is silicon a gel base which gives it stability. You want it steady when you are working. The Silicon gel base board improves the stability.

This silicon rubber base is glued down. It is pressure adjustable.

Other Features:

  • Brand new coated 15” x 15” coated sheet
  • Voltage of 110V
  • Power: 1800W
  • Temperature range: 0-500F
  • Time Range:0-999s


  • Has precise timer and heat control, so it’s highly efficient.
  • Being compact, and having an upward opening design, it saves on space.
  • The Silicon gel base board is pressure adjustable, and it improves on stability
  • Can apply a variety of transfers, images, numbers, and letters on t-shirts as well as bags, garments, ID badges, jigsaw puzzles, mouse mats, ceramic tiles, and other items.
  • Comes with protective Teflon sheet
  • The platen is coated with Teflon


  • It will produce a pungent smell when you use it for the first time. Many heat press machines do this. Make sure you open the windows to let that smell out.

2. PowerPress Digital Heat Press 15 x 15 Sublimation Heat Press Rhinestone Heat Press Review

This is another PowerPress 15 by 15 sublimation heat press. It shares many features with the first PowerPress. For instance, both of them come with a protective sheet and coated heat platen.

If you are looking for a durable, multi-purpose heat press machine, this is the one for you. Let’s look at some its main features.

  • Comes with Protective Sheet and Protective Coating on the Heat Platen

When you buy this PowerPress heat press, you get a bonus Teflon sheet to protect your garment. The heat platen is also coated.

At high temperatures, the heat transfer material tends to stick to the platen. The protective sheet prevents this from happening.

It also keeps the shirt from scorching when the heat platen is super hot.

Place the heat transfer upon your garment on the spot you want to transfer the design to. After that, drape the sheet over the material. Then you can commence the heat transfer process with no worries.

The Teflon should cover all the way to the back. You don’t want the shirt’s tag touching the hot plate as it might end up sticking to it.

  • Multiple Uses

Once you purchase this heat press, you won’t need to shop for another one to cater for your heat transfer needs. All manner of garments, from t-shirts to bags, are catered for by this machine.

You can print on t-shirts, other garments, bags, jigsaw puzzles, ceramic tiles, mouse mats, ID badges, and other items.

You can also do vinyl transfers with it.

  • Space Saving

The machine is compact so it takes less space than if you bought a swinger-style heat press or a drawer-heat press.

It has an upward-opening design. It’s called the clamshell design because the way you open it, pulling up the platen is identical to how a clamshell opens. By opening in this manner, you save on the space around the machine.

You can comfortably add other items on the table without worrying that there won’t be space or that you will have to shift them every time you want to use the heat press.’

  • Precise Time and Heat

The heat press has a precise time and heat set-up. The controls for time and heat are electronic, which guarantees a high level of accuracy.

The preciseness will also ensure that you successfully transfer the designs onto the shirt. And you are less likely to scorch your shirt.

  • Silicon Gel Base Board

It has a silicon gel baseboard which ensures stability. A glued down silicon rubber base. And it’s pressure adjustable.

Other Features

  • 110V voltage
  • 1800W power
  • 0-500F temperature range
  • 0-999s time range


  • Protective sheet
  • Protective coating on the platen
  • Saves space because of upward opening design
  • Precise time and heat
  • Pressure adjustable Silicon gel base board adds stability
  • Can print on many types of garments or materials


  • It will produce a pungent smell the first time you use it, but the smell will go away. Make sure your windows are open, just in case.

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PowerPress Heat Press Instructions

Here are a few instructions on how to handle your PowerPress heat press to ensure safety:

  • Keep the machine away from flammable substances.
  • Don’t let the kids get close to it when it’s hot.
  • When not using the machine, unplug it. This will ensure the machine gives you longer use.
  • Don’t remove any of the panels from the heat press. The heat press has high voltage electrodes inside.
  • Remove objects around or on top of the machine. It heats up quickly, operating at temperatures of 3800F and above.
  • Keep it away from wet environments.
  • Wait until it’s cool to your touch before moving it. And don’t touch it until at least 40 minutes after unplugging it
  • That’s how long the heat platen takes to cool down.
  • The electrical circuit must be properly grounded.
  • Ensure you have enough work are around the heat press. There is a higher risk of accidents when you are working in a tight work space.
  • Don’t adjust the machines pressure the machine is functioning.

Final Verdict

What did you think? Will you get one?

I bet you will. PowerPress heat presses are among the best brands in the market. If durability, quality, performance, and efficiency are important to you, you can’t go wrong with PowerPress.