Fancierstudio dg digital sublimation 15-by-15 inch t-shirt heat press review

Angie Renner
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Angie Renner
Last updated: 
January 28, 2024

Do you like having unique designs or wordings on your T-shirts?

If you do, why not buy a heat press machine? A good choice would be the DG Digital Sublimation 15-by15-inch T-shirt Heat Press I will be telling you all about in this article.

This heat press machine improves on previous models. So you will be getting an up-to-date device at a price you can afford.

And what wonderful features can you expect from the machine?

The Heat Platen is Coated with Teflon

When you press the heat transfer material onto your shirt or some other piece of clothing, sometimes the material sticks to the platen. I mean something like Vinyl bleeding and sticking to the heating element.

But this machine's heat platen has Teflon coated on it. Teflon acts as a protective element standing in between the vinyl and your platen. When the heat transfer materials sticks on the platen, you have to clean it, otherwise it will stain the other shirts or garments you are working on.

You Get a Free Teflon Sheet

As I have told you, Teflon is something you must have when you are heat-pressing your garments. Having Teflon-coated heat platen may not be enough.

So you would have to purchase a Teflon sheet to drape in between the platen and the heat transfer material. For instance, you place the vinyl on your shirt, and then the Teflon sheet over the vinyl, and in this way you protect your platen.

If you buy this DS Heat Press machine, you will receive a complimentary Teflon sheet, so you won’t have to buy one.

It is a Versatile Machine

There are many things you may want on your shirt: for instance, numbers, letters, and images; and this machine can do all that.

And not just on t-shirts, but also on other kinds of garments. Also on other materials and items like bags, ID badges, jigsaw puzzles, and even ceramic tiles.

So you can heat-press your unique logo or quote on things to let people will know it’s you or that it’s yours.

Electronic Timer and Heat Control

Some heat press machines, unfortunately, are incorrectly timed, or the temperatures given are not right, so naturally, they tend to cause problems, or they don’t satisfy the user.

But with this machine, the time and temperatures are precise, so it’s more reliable than others. It will not beep before the timer is done. All you have to do is pull the handle down until you hear the click.

Also, there is no burn off time, which means you will have an easier time with it. Some heat press machines recommend that before you use the machine, you first “burn off” at a high temperature for a while (outside) because of a strong smell that it gives off during first use.

The idea is to let that odor burn off. This one doesn’t need you to do that.

The voltage is 110V, and the power is 1800W.

It’s 15x15 Inches

Smaller heat press machines are alright if you are working on smaller garments, for instance, your children’s clothes.

But if you are heat pressing adult clothes, you will need something bigger. At 15x15 inches, this machine is equipped to handle large t-shirts and other garments.

You can Adjust the Rubber Base

It comes with a silicon gel base board. And since the silicon rubber base is not glued is not glued down, it is easy for you to adjust it in whichever way you want it to be.


  • The heat platen is Teflon-coated
  • Free Teflon sheet
  • ​Can heat-press large garments
  • ​Can heat-press many types of materials and garments
  • Has a precise timer and temperature set-up
  • An adjustable silicon rubber base


  • The hatch may be difficult to open when you have cranked at high-pressure settings

Final Verdict

Who will like this heat press machine? People who want to protect their garments when heat-pressing. People who want the freedom to print on larger garments. People who are looking for versatility and reliability in their heat press machine.

In other words, you can’t go wrong with this one. It will not disappoint you.