Cricut autopress review and cost 2023

Angie Renner
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Angie Renner
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December 15, 2023

Cricut heat presses and other hobby-oriented and professional products have been well-known in the community for a long time now. Heat presses can make personal projects - and business production - much more manageable, so it’s always neat to have one on hand.

Now, when it comes to heat presses, they can be a pain to use at first, and users can ruin many batches simply because of the lack of experience. That is precisely why Cricut decided to make the Autopress - a heat press that boasts an automated process of making products. 

Contrary to other Cricut heat presses such as the Easy Maker 2, this one is more intended for the mass-production type of hobby - or even business. This heat press makes the production much more accessible - but more on that later.

In this Cricut Autopress review, we’ll go in-depth about the features, specifications, highlights, prices, and warranty, as well as the upsides - and downsides - of this fantastic product. 

So, let’s dive into the details of this nifty heat press!

Features and Specifications

Cricut’s idea when making the Autopress was to create a professional-grade press you can use at home, too. The power of the press certainly dips into the commercial-grade - while remaining perfectly easy to use at home. 

The design is sleek, and the exterior housing is certified temperature-rated plastic to give the users confidence that the product will not be damaged. The 15 x 12 inches heat plate certainly falls into the category of bulkier heat presses out there. 

Its name - the Autopress - made some waves. Of course, this addition to Cricut’s lineup earned its name thanks to the automatic features. The automated capabilities not only made it a great buy but cut the efforts down to a minimum, too - allowing you to make more products in half the time. 

What’s more, this heat press by Cricut comes with the fantastic Zero Effort™ features. These features allow the user to close the heat press while still working its magic. All the user needs to do is select the temperature and time - and that’s it. 

There is no need to adjust the pressure, either. The heat plate automatically adjusts to the thickness of the material inside. Furthermore, the heat plate is coated with ceramic to ensure consistent results with each and every use.

The automatic features don’t stop there. There’s also the auto-release - designed to make the process even easier. 

Compatibility deserves mention, too. This heat press can be used with all cutting machines by Cricut - and it can be used with all major brands of ink, HTV, and sublimation products.

The control pod is incredibly easy to use. It comes with four preset settings to make the process easier. That reduces the time spent selecting the settings - and makes you more batches in less time. 

The steel construction has a sturdy feel, giving confidence that this product will last a long time. Another neat feature we came across is the dual voltage. In case you intend to travel the world with your Cricut, you can still use it without any issues. 

That brings us to the matter of portability: 

The steel construction makes this heat press heavy. It clocks in at a hefty 53 pounds, making it challenging to move. Luckily, when it comes to storage, it’s effortless. Users can even store the heat press upright to save space - as it’s somewhat bulky. 

How the Autopress Compares

Autopress offers similar results to the other popular heat press by Circut - EasyPress. However, EasyPress won’t be able to complete larger volumes of work as fast as Autopress - as it’s much smaller.

Furthermore, the Autopress is more straightforward to use, as it needs only two of your fingers to get started. It adjusts pressure automatically according to the material inside - meaning you don’t need to hold it down yourself as you have to with the EasyPress when doing a press-on. 

Another point where Autopress does a better job is that you don’t need to supervise it while it’s working. It’s the ideal heat press for people looking to do more extensive projects - for business or volunteering purposes, or even personal use.

As we pointed out earlier, the Autopress is pretty hefty. It’s larger than the EasyPress and takes more storage space. It’s not portable, either, weighing more than 50 pounds. If you want to take your press with you wherever you go, EasyPress might be the more suitable option.

Pricing and Warranty Information

Thanks to the automated features and the simplified use, Cricut’s Autopress remains a relatively competitive model. Many heat presses with similar characteristics can’t match the price, as they are much more expensive than Autopress.

Compared to other heat presses made by Cricut, the Autopress undeniably offers more features and a larger heat plate. It ensures faster production (and fewer failures) than most other heat presses in their lineup. 

Because of the commercial-grade quality, this heat press comes with a price tag of $999. That said, there are different financing methods available via the official website - making it easier to afford this fantastic product. 

Heat presses with similar automated features will set you back at least $2000, so Cricut offers a great deal, automating the process at a reasonable price point. Luckily, unlike cutting machines or printers, you don’t need extra supplies or accessories to operate this machine. 

All you need is the material, ink, and iron-on details to make a batch, so the price doesn’t incur additional costs to operate the machine. You will need a computer with an Internet connection, though - but that’s a given. 

About the warranty, Cricut offers a 1-year warranty for the heat press if you register it using the invoice you got with your purchase. 

Some Highlights of the Cricut Autopress

The control panel is connected via the cord to the heat press, and it features simple buttons. It is easy to navigate the settings - and the four preset options for pressing reduce the effort required to complete a project. 

For maximum safety, the heat press is locked when not in use - and you can check whether it’s locked on the small display. 

You’ll have to unlock the Autopress and leave it open for preheating. Otherwise, it won’t preheat for your project. With that said, the heat press heats up relatively fast, taking no more than eight or so minutes. 

Even the opening and closing of the Autopress are simplified. When closing the press, you don’t need to press on the handle to apply pressure; the press does it for you. And on the other hand, when your project is done and the timer is up, your press will open automatically. 

So, you don’t need to stop whatever you’re doing just to take the freshly made items out!

The most notable highlight of the Autopress would have to be the safety feature. Even during the highest temperature settings, the top plastic and the handle remain cold. 

Users can set the timer for a maximum of 10 minutes, which is more than plenty to create your project. You can set the timer and the temperature using the Cricut software on your computer - but you can also use the machine’s control panel and turn the buttons to adjust the temperature and the time manually. 

This press aims to maintain a constant temperature for the best project results, so the heater’s motor is on at all times. Another remarkable safety feature is the auto shut-off - which turns the heat press off if it’s inactive for more than 13 minutes. 

Pros & Cons

The principal thing about the small home or commercial appliances is that they are easy to use. Luckily, Cricut’s Autopress is incredibly user-friendly, thanks to the simple buttons. What’s more, it comes with four preset options, so you don’t need to guess and try out various things to start. 

You can get straight to work right away!

The Zero Effort™ feature makes using this heat press a breeze and makes the entire process much more manageable. To top it off, the process is safer, too, with the automatic shut-off after 13 minutes of inactivity.

You can set the timer, which turns the press off when it’s done. You no longer have to sit around and wait for your heat press to finish; you can sit back and relax while the Autopress completes your project. 

And while failed batches are something you might’ve got used to, we’re glad to add that’s not the case with the Autopress. 

Another safety feature worth mentioning is the plastic exterior - which remains cold during use. Even when set on the highest temperature setting, the plastic stays cold, minimizing the risk of injuries. 

Moreover, the Autopress stands out compared to other Cricut heat presses because of its size. It’s much bulkier than other heat presses in their lineup, so keep that in mind if you have limited space or don’t need an expansive heat plate.  

On the other hand, if you need to do large projects or finish your batch faster, you can, thanks to how spacious the Autopress is. Generally speaking, this heat press seems more suited for mass production than small home projects. 

One thing some people will consider as an advantage is the automatic application of pressure. However, it’s more of a con - as there is no way to adjust the pressure yourself for your project. 

It does take care of pressure application for you, making sure it’s even on each side. Still, you will need to carefully set the temperature and time as you can’t apply more or less pressure.

That’s why it’s considered more of a downside, but it can make it easier for you to make a batch.

Another con you’ll have to keep in mind is that this product will not work until you connect it to a Mac or Windows computer using the USB port. In addition to that, it doesn’t work offline; you will need an Internet connection.


  • Has a spacious heat plate
  • Exterior remains cold during use
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Easy to use
  • Turns off when finished
  • Multiple preset options


  • Inability to change the pressure
  • Can’t be used without a computer

Is the Cricut Autopress Right for Me?

The thing is - it’s not easy or safe to say whether this press will be the perfect choice for you. It all genuinely depends on your at-home or business needs, but what is safe to say is that this is an impressive product overall. 

To determine whether the Cricut Autopress is the right fit for you, you must consider your needs and what you want in a heat press. If you need the press occasionally - for your personal needs and a few gifts throughout the year - you probably don’t need the Autopress.

You can get away with smaller products or even your clothes iron for infrequent use. On top of it, even if you need the heat press for your business, investing in the Cricut Autopress can set you back too much for your current volume of business. 

So, if the Autopress is overkill, you should continue using your smaller press - or buy a smaller, more affordable press - and purchase the Autopress further down the line. 

However, if you’re looking for the option of using a heat press to make large quantities at once, you will genuinely appreciate the automatic settings. And if you can afford it at the very moment, then yes, it’s the right choice for you.

The thing is, using Cricut’s Autopress can make your life so much easier, especially when you’re using it for business. It genuinely simplifies and speeds up the entire process, as it does its thing automatically - never letting the press overheat and shutting down when it’s done.

All that will save you plenty of material and your time because all you need to do is prepare your next project and put it in - and that’s it!

Of course, the market offers plenty of other heat presses that do the same, but they tend to cost twice - or three times - the money, and they often lack some of the automatic features the Cricut Autopress comes with by default.

So, the bottom line is - for larger volumes of projects, Autopress is the perfect choice for you!