10 Socially Conscious Clothing Brands

While there is no shortage of shopping big name brands when it comes to the fashion industry, there has been a cultural shift in shopping with brands that do good for the world as a whole. 

According to Forbes (1), there is a demand for sustainable and eco friendly fashion. In 2018, there was an increase of 47% of shoppers who are looking for “organic cotton” and “vegan friendly” clothing searches. 

Young shoppers are leading the charge in this socially economic trend, and celebrities like Megan Markle are helping to put the spotlight on it as well. 

Social media has played an influential part in this trend as well. 

When sustainability clothing mentions were made there was a whopping 63% approval rating according to a recent eMarketer study (2) that measured whether or not shoppers cared about ethical brands.  

Here’s a look at 10 companies with a forward-thinking, socially conscious approach to clothing and changing the world with their merchandise. 

Alternative Apparel is one of the leading eco friendly clothing brands to shop from. For basic and stylish everyday wear, Alternative Apparel has got you covered. 

How have they made their mark? 

Their ethics revolve around the use of non-toxic and low-impact dyes in all their clothing. 

They also reduce waste by packaging their products in oxo-biodegradable mailer bags. 

All of their factories follow the strict Fair Labor Association guidelines while many of their factories are WRAP certified. 

The brand is also working to alleviate the plastic problem by the nearly 1.8 million plastic bottles that are recycled each year in the company’s Alternative Eco fabrics. And while cotton is great, organic cotton is more sustainable for the environment. 

That is why Alternative Apparel has used about Approximately 60,000 pounds of organic cotton in place of conventional cotton each year. 

What do they offer? 

The brand specializes in womens and mens apparel as well as handbags and accessories. Learn more about Alternative apparel on their blog.

Kotn was born out of a necessity for quality products. Their brand name roughly translates into the Arabic word for cotton, which is a staple for this brand. When it comes to their intentional approach of sourcing organic cotton, this socially conscious clothing brand has won the hearts of many it in the fashion world. 

How have they made their mark? 

The brand works with local cotton farmers in Egypt to produce quality clothing that is made out of organically farmed cotton. Not to mention the cotton grown in this part of Egypt is the finest, softest, and purest cotton there is. 

Kotn’s social awareness has helped to rebuild the economy of farmers in Egypt by paying sustainable wages that help support and grow struggling villages. 

Also, children are kept out of the fields as it’s one of Kotn’s aim to eliminate child labor. 

The brand stands behind this goal as they have partnered with pro literacy organizations in the Nile Delta area. Through these partnerships, the brand constructed the first school in 2017 for local children. They are currently working on raising funds to build another one. 

Image via Kotn

What do they offer? 

The brand specializes in quality men and women’s basic clothing. While you can not expect to find formal wear with this brand, they have plenty of beautiful and socially conscious items that are perfect for everyday wear. 

Pact has two passions, caring for the environment, and providing customers with everyday wear clothing. The brand is well known for their simple and comfortable designs. 

How have they made their mark? 

Pact focuses on using organic materials to create their GOTS Certified products. This means that they measure up to the Global Organic Textile Standard. Pact practices this by using only 100% certified organic cotton. 

The brand also practices fair trade, ensuring that from the start of their clothing process to the time it gets in your hands, workers are compensated fairly with a livable wage. 

Pact is dedicated to using only clean ingredients in their fabrics. You can look forward to non-toxic dyes in the making of your clothing. 

What do they offer? 

What makes Pact one of the best socially conscious clothing brands is the fact that they have something for everyone. They offer clothing options for men, women, kids, and babies. You can find everything from comfortable day wear to semi-formal clothing. Pact even has plenty of active wear options for you to choose from as well. 

Image via Pact

When it comes to the leading socially conscious clothing brand that stands to empower women, you are sure to find ABLE at the forefront. 

How have they made their mark? 

ABLE’s aim is to help empower women all over the world. Their focus is to help women who have endured hardship find a place in the world. More specifically, ABLE want to end the generational cycle of poverty by providing women an outlet to provide for themselves and better the communities they live in. They do this by partnering with female artisans who create beautiful women's apparel. Partners are also paid a living wage to help them in thriving in their work and not just surviving. The brand also adheres to fair labor practices and is B Corp certified. 

What do they offer? 

ABLE specialized in beautiful products created by women for women. While you can find a variety of women's apparel, the brand is known for artisan crafted denim, shoes, bags, and jewelry.

Image via Able

People Tree was founded and based out of the UK. Since their launch in 1991 their mission has been to create socially conscious clothing. This had led the brand to be one of the leading Fair Trade clothing brands to date. Many consider People Tree to be the paving force in the socially conscious clothing brand movement.

How have they made their mark? 

The brand's mission is to work towards economic independence for the parts of the world that they work with. In addition to that, the brand’s primary aim is to help protect the environment in doing so. 

In order to fulfill this mission, People Tree is committed to using natural resources such as organic cotton. The producers that they partner with also use traditional methods to create their clothing. Many of these methods including hand knitting, hand embroidery, and hand weaving. People Tree is proud to wear the label of a Certified Organic clothing brand. 

What do they offer? 

Because People Tree has been in operation for nearly three decades, the brand has plenty of options you can choose from. 

Their primary focus is women and they offer everything from underwear to pajamas to casual day wear. People Tree also has a keen eye on contemporary wear too. Their versatility also extends out to feminine accessories and gifts as well. 

Image via People Tree

Socially conscious clothing brands are not just designed for those who are fashionably minded. There are also plenty of brands who are geared towards athletic minded shoppers, too. This next brand, Outdoor Voices, is one of them. 

How have they made their mark? 

Outdoor Voices had one goal in mind during its creation:

To create activeware of the best quality that would enable people to get outdoors and get moving. In doing so, the brand has merged together sustainable technical fabrics with innovation and design. 

The best part? Outdoor Voices uses recycled materials that are crafted in a method of ethical production to limit the negative impact on the environment that the fashion industry is known for having. 

Their designs include pieces that are made out of recycled polyester. They also offer sustainability thanks to their production of Merino wool.

What do they offer? 

Outdoor Voices specializes in men and women activewear. If you need gear for the outdoors and want to shop with a socially conscious clothing brand, then Outdoor Voices is where you will want to go.  

Image via Outdoor Voices

In a world of fast fashion, Everlane stands as one of the most transparent companies that provide ethically sourced, affordable clothing. 

How have they made their mark? 

This California based company prides itself in the level of transparency that it provides consumers. Everlane is dedicated to finding the best factories around the globe to manufacture their clothing. 

Once they have a factory they would like to work with, they dedicate their time and energy into weeding out the factory’s integrity including ethical production practices. Once these elements have been established and the factory is deemed a reputable and ethically motivated facility, Everlane then begins working on bringing consumers high quality goods. 

Unlike many of the fashion retailers in today's society, Everlane is dedicated to letting their customers know exactly where their product came from and how they came to be.  Everlane prides itself in being able to tell customers exactly where their clothing came from, how much it cost, as well as the story behind the factory it was made in.

Image via Everlane

What do they offer? 

Everlane specializes in women's and men's apparel. You can find everything from everyday clothing to contemporary and stylish ensembles. The brand also sells accessories and shoes as well. 

A popular retailer that sells affordable and stylish clothing with true transparency is Reformation. Knowing where you clothes have come from is a key factor in Refermation’s carbon footprint.  

How have they made their mark?

Reformation is based in California and all of their clothes are made right here in the United States. This company has several facets to it that have enabled it to climb the ranks of one of the top socially conscious clothing brands in America. 

Reformation is dedicated to using sustainable fabrics.  

In addition to this, Reformation also uses recycled materials too.  While not entirely common, Reformation also purchase carbon offsets and  is dedicated to paying living wages to all who work on their clothing.

And we can not leave out the fact that Reformation has joined the ranks of catering to all customers by having plenty of plus-size options to choose from. The brand offer sizes from XXS to 3X. 

Image via Reformation

This versatility is what has enabled it to become popular with so many. This brand has paid plenty of attention to the finer details in their production process and even include an environmental footprint tag on each of the products they sell. 

What do they offer? 

Although the company caters to a wide range of sizes, there is a specific customer in mind. Reformation is geared towards women's apparel, outerwear, and even bridal wear. The contemporary and modern outfits Reformation create are great for everyday use as well as elegant occasions too.

Another popular American company that found its footing in Pennsylvania is United by Blue. What has propelled United by Blue into the fashion spotlight is their dedication to the environment and creativity of using discarded pieces and turning them into something beautiful. 

How have they made their mark? 

United By Blue is one of the best socially conscious clothing brands in America for several reasons. For starters, they are dedicated to the preservation of the environment. 

For each product they sell they have committed to removing one pound of trash from the oceans and other waterways in our nation. This is all part of their cleanup initiative to make the world a cleaner place. 

In addition to that, United by Blue has a B Corp certification because of their dedication to the environment. This is easy to see as they use recycled and organic materials in the products they create. 

Image via United by Blue

What do they offer? 

Not only do customers get a sense of satisfaction because of the positive impact they are leaving on the world when they are shopping United by Blue, but the products United by Blue puts out are simply some of the best. Customers can look forward to well crafted, high quality products when they shop with this brand. 

The brand specializes in eco-friendly outdoor clothing that will serve you well in any environment.  United by Blue also caters to a range of customers including men women and children. In addition to their apparel, you can purchase accessories and outdoor gear as well.

Clothing brands are not the only aspect of the industry that are committed to keeping our environment clean, apparel brands are too. Nisolo is one of the best socially conscious shoe and accessory brands to shop for if you are in the market for handmade leather shoes.

How have they made their mark? 

Nisolo is based out of Tennessee and features artisan-made products geared towards lifting up those who are struggling.

Nisolo partners with local artisans in Peru to give consumers artfully crafted leather shoes. In the process, Nisolo is dedicated to improving the lives of artisans by paying a fair wage. 

The brand is also dedicated in their transparency with the customer. On their blog, you can find details about where and how they ethically source their products. With each pair of shoes they make, customers can see the heart and craftsmanship that each shoemaker put into their work. 

What do they offer? 

Image via Nisolo

While the company is specifically focused on crafting handmade leather shoes, they do offer other products as well. Customers can look forward to shopping for gifts and other accessories as well.

Final Thoughts 

If you are in the market for some of the best socially conscious clothing brands, then be sure to check out these top 10 companies. After all, the only thing better than buying a great outfit is buying one with the knowledge that you are encouraging good in the world. 

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