Mophorn Digital Swing Away 12×10 inch Rigid Steel Heat Press Machine Review

Are you a big fan of unique designs or writings on t-shirts? Do you know you could do it yourself at home? Or are you already an old pro at printing designs on clothing?

Well, you need to buy a heat press machine. In this review, I will tell you about a good one, the Mophorn Digital Swing Away Rigid Steel Heat Press.

Read on and discover why this machine is so awesome. First, let’s look at the features.

The Swing-Away Design

Good product design anticipates and solves problems a user might encounter when using a product. And that’s what this machine’s swing-away design accomplishes.

You see, the swing-away design enables you to swing the upper heat platen around the full 360 degrees, and also allowing you to move the heating element aside safely.

Once you move the heating element aside, you have effectively reduced the probability of coming into contact with the hot area by accident. So you can work on your t-shirt with more ease and relaxation.

The Heat Platen is Teflon-Coated

When you are working on a garment, especially when you have set the temperatures high, there is always a risk of scorching it. And Teflon prevents that. Normally, people drape a Teflon sheet over the shirt and the heat transfer materials as a protective layer.

Another thing Teflon does is that it protects the heat platen. You see, when the temperatures are high, the heat transfer materials, say Vinyl, can stick to and stain the heating element. And you don’t want that because the stained element will stain your shirt when pressed down upon it.

So this heat press is great because its heat platen is coated with Teflon.

Heating Coils in the Platen

Something else about this machine’s platen: it has a full range of heating coils. What that means is that there is a consistency of temperature throughout the surface of the platen.

So you won't have to search for the “sweet spot”, where the temperature is highest. When the temperature is not consistent on the platen’s surface, that’s when you get some letters sticking while some don’t. With this machine, everything in the design will stick properly.

Elevated Lower Platen

This model is an improvement and is much better than previous models. For instance, the lower platen has been upgraded. It is elevated. As a result, there is room for you to easily place your clothing into (or remove from) the machine.

Pressure-Adjustment Knob

Different garments or items require different pressures. For instance, you should not apply the same pressure when working on a t-shirt as when you are working on, say, a jigsaw puzzle set. It depends on how thick the material you are transferring to is.

This heat press machine enables you to adjust the pressure, depending on how thick you judge the material to be. It comes with a full-range pressure adjustment knob, and so you are guaranteed a better quality of your finished transfers.


With this heat press, you can transfer onto many types of flat-surfaced items. I am talking about fabric, ceramic, glass, wood, plus metal. So you will be printing not just on your t-shirts, but also your bags, license plates, jigsaw puzzles, and mouse pads.

In other words, you will have the freedom to imprint your unique designs on most of your things.


  • Swing away design which moves the heating element away
  • Teflon-coated platen
  • Consistency throughout the platen’s surface because of the heating coils inside
  • Elevated lower platen increases ease of use
  • Pressure-adjustment knob
  • Versatility


  • If you leave it too long, it loses heat. As a result, you must turn it off and back on to reheat
  • Not suitable for larger designs because, at 12x10 inches, it’s not a large heat press machine

Final Verdict

With this Mophorn heat press machine, you can spread your creativity and originality as your print your unique quotes or designs on your t-shirts and other garments or items. It will do nicely for designs that are not too large.

You will like it, whether you are a beginner or an old pro. It’s also ideal for people running small businesses.

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