Make A Fashion Statement With A Wet T-Shirt

T-Shirts have ruled the roost for nearly a half century and are getting more and more popular. This isn't surprising, considering the convenience that they offer and the variety of them that are on sale.

The different styles like the funny t-shirts, the cool t-shirts etc. make them all the more attractive and one has to have some. No wardrobe is complete without a t-shirt.

Now, fashion is nothing but a way of making a statement. It could be a mild statement or a bold one. In the world of t-shirts, wearing a funny t-shirt would be making a mild statement and a crazy t-shirt would be just the opposite - bold.

With freedom of speech making itself heard from the rooftops, even t-shirts with extremely offensive statements and/or pictures is not taboo. Being offensive is also a way of making a fashion statement.

When in the world of high fashion - "haute couture" as it is called - wearing clothes that accentuate the female form is considered "in", why should not the same concept should be extended to t-shirts also?

There is, undoubtedly, a world of difference between high fashion and t-shirts, the main difference being the cost, the material and the name of the designer. It is something like the difference between buying a limousine and a car.

And this is where the "Wet T-Shirt" comes in. Plainly speaking a wet t-shirt is a plain white t-shirt, with or without any text or graphic on it. The lesser the better.

It is not the t-shirt itself that is the attention-grabber but what it contains that decides the degree of attractiveness. And the wetter the t-shirt the more an attention-grabber it is.

As mentioned earlier, fashion is nothing but a statement and the wet t-shirt is one of the ways a woman can make a statement.

Though it is a very bold statement, she has every right to make it. After all, a woman has the most beautiful containers of infant food and it is but natural that she should be proud of it and flaunt it if allowed.

Wet t-shirts are the exclusive property of women. Men are excluded from it. In as much as ordinary t-shirts themselves are more or less bold, with some of them molded to fit the body and accentuate its form, it just happens that the wet one heightens it the more. More so when it is dripping.

Though some people, especially the moralists, may consider the wet t-shirt somewhat lewd, almost always these t-shirts are worn at some private party and not in a public places, in parties among very close friends and acquaintances where intimacy is more the norm. Very rarely can these t-shirts be seen sported in beach parties.

Wet t-shirts, per see, cannot be given away as gifts, but t-shirts that have the possibility of being used as one can be gifted without any qualms.

In fact since these t-shirts will have a minimum of text or graphics on them making a choice is very easy and just about anyone, irrespective of age or sex can be given one.

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