7 Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Heat Press Machine

If you’re planning to start a T-shirt printing business, one thing is for sure. You’ll need to look for the best heat press machine.

As with anything else on this planet, there are a plethora of different heat press models for you to pick from. Each model offers you something different in regards to its feature and what it’s capable of delivering. Additionally, different models come with different prices.

That being said, you’ll absolutely have a hard time trying to decipher the suitable machine for your needs.

To help with your decision, here are top 7 questions you should ask yourself whenever you’re purchasing a heat press transfer machine…

1. Do You Need An Automatic Or Manual Heat Press?

One of the most important questions that you should always ask yourself before writing that check is the type of machine you’d like to buy. Heat press transfers exist in manual and automatic models.

For an automatic press, it produces pressure by employing air pressure that’s regulated in measures of pounds per sq. inch. This means they will offer you a viewable pressure gauge that will make things simpler. These models are usually a bit pricey than the manual models.

Manual models, on the other hand, allow you to adjust the pressure such that you can feel the difference between the light, medium, and firm.

If you plan to use your machine a lot (that is, if you’ll be working on larger printing projects), you might want to consider the automatic models which will require you to spend some extra cash.

2. How Much Do You Plan To Produce?

In other terms, how do you plan to use your press? Knowing the answer to this question in advance means that will play a significant role in helping you determine the right type of heat press and how much to spend on it when doing your shopping.

You might be planning to set up a printing business that will be handling multiple projects over an extended period of time. If that’s you, then you’ll need to look for a highly reliable machine that operates consistently while producing enough heat for successful printing.

What if you just want a simple machine to handle your own projects or for practice purposes? Well, you’ll just need to get a lower cost machine.

3. Who Will Be Using The Machine?

While most people tend to overlook this particular idea, experts heat ores users will always advise you to keep in mind the intended user of the machine you’re buying.

And this is simply because the manual models have proven to be quite strenuous over time- especially for use who are not used to pressure or don’t have the strength. If the user of the machine will be using it to prints a few t-shirts only, you can get away with the manual model.

But keep in mind that even the strongest of the users can start feeling tired after a while when using the manual model.

4. What Are The Power Options Available?

You don’t want to buy any heat press machine before you fully understand how much it will need to run successfully.

Usually, the higher output machines take in a 220 V power supply (that’s similar to your washer or dryer). This machine has a drawback in that it comes with a hefty price tag. But it’s advantageous in the long run, in that you’ll save you the amount of cash you spend on energy bills.

You'll be ready to go with any heat press machine that comes with a power supply of less than 220V.

5. How Much Are You Looking To Spend?

If you are serious about buying the best heat transfer machine for your needs, spend some time drafting a budget for it.

As we have mentioned earlier above, these machines have different price tags. Meaning that, if you come up with a budget, your search will become much, much easier.

Heat transfer machine price usually ranges from $300 to $3,000. The price of a given model will be based on its list of features, printing capabilities, and style. Of course, the more advanced the features are the better the performance of your machine, and the higher the price it comes with.

If you just want a simple machine to use to print your own t-shirts at home- as a hobby maybe- a cheap machine with just the basic features will do. But if you want to set up a printing business, you need a high-performance machine with advanced features (and a higher price).

6. Which Brand Manufactures The Machine You Want To Buy?

You have heard this tale time and again- that you should always purchase all your products from well-known, reputable brands. The same case applies to the heat press machines.

The logic behind this tale is simple; if you purchase from an identifiable brand, you’ll rest assured that the machine was built sufficiently. While you might encounter some tears and wears while using the machine – which is expected- products from the well-known brand are built to last.

Some of the top-rated brands you might want to buy from include the Power Pro, Hix, Geo-Knight, among others.

7. How big should be the machine you want to buy?

Lastly, have a picture of the size of heat transfer machine you want to buy.

Most people follow all the factors when buying a heat transfer machine but fail to figure out the size factor. And this gives them real issues when they’ve limited space in their business rooms or homes and even when running the machine!

Here, I’d recommend you to go for the biggest machine that your budget can allow you- if space is a non-issue to you. Larger machines come with several benefits.

They enable you to easily press oversized t-shirts, press numbers and names on jerseys and gives you an easy time aligning the larger t-shirts.

Final Thoughts:

So, these are the seven most important questions you should always ask yourself before you buy any heat press machine. These issues touch on the most important aspects of a machine.

That is, they help you determine the suitability of any machine in terms of feature, capability, user-friendliness or ease of use, price, size, and other relevant factors.

Follow the seven questions, and you’re guaranteed of landing on the best heat press machine for all your t-shirt printing needs!


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