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Heat Press Hat: How To Do It?

Other than being pieces of fabric that can be worn by any gender, age, or group of people, hats share something else with t-shirts. They can be pressed on with the design of your choice to successfully pass a specific message, show support to something you believe in, or simply express your self. You can […]

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How To Print On Transfer Paper For T-shirts? Learn From This Step-by-Step Guide

Transfer paper is usually referred to as t-shirt paper because it’s mostly used to transfer letter, numbers, images (or a combination of these) onto fabrics. The application of transfer paper is, however, not limited to t-shirts only. You can use it to transfer your desired images on other fabrics such as cotton bags, aprons, tablecloths, pillowcases, […]

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Buying Fabric On The Internet: It Opens Up A New World of Opportunity

Many sewers and needle crafters recognize the fact that there is nothing quite like being able to hold and feel a fabric, assessing the color in different lights and getting an idea about drape before buying. The ability to find interesting and low cost fabrics online, however, provides an additional fabric source for the Internet shopper. 1. […]

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